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Working environment and requirements of ladle refractories


Working environment of ladle refractory material:
(1)Temperature loaded is higher than die casting ladle;
(2)Metal water stays longer in ladle;
(3)Ladle lining volatilizes under high temperature againist agitation of metal water.
(4)Impact of undertaking melt water onto lining;
(5)Slag erosion of the lining.

Ladle refractories requirements:
(1)High temperature resistance, no melting and softening for long time in high temperature melt water.
(2)Thermal shock resistance, can withstand repeated fitting in and out of melt water without spalling;
(3)Slag errosion, undertaking errosion of slag and alkalinity changes onto lining;
(4)With sufficient high temperature mechanical strength, withstanding agitatin and scouring of melt water;
(5)With swelling property, close contact among liner formed as a whole under high temperature melt water.

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