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Why use electroslag remelting furnace to make steel(2)


2) Have good thermodynamic and kinetic conditions for metallurgical reactions

During the electroslag remelting process, the temperature of the slag pool is usually above 1750 Celsius, and the temperature of the slag from the lower end of the electrode to the center of the molten metal pool can reach about 1900 Celsius. Therefore, the superheat of the slag during the remelting process can reach about 600 Celsius, and the superheat of the molten steel can reach about 450 Celsius. The high temperature molten pool promotes a series of physical and chemical reactions.

3) The bottom-up sequential solidification conditions ensure that the crystal structure of the remelted metal ingot is uniform and dense

In the electroslag remelting process, the melting of the electrode and the crystallization of the molten metal proceed simultaneously. The upper end of the steel ingot always has a molten pool of liquid metal and a hot slag pool, which not only keeps heat but also has enough liquid metal to fill the shrinkage cavities caused by the shrinkage during the solidification process, which can effectively eliminate the common porosity and shrinkage cavities of general steel ingots. At the same time, the gas and inclusions in the molten metal are also easy to float, so the structure of the steel ingot is dense and uniform.

4) The thin and uniform slag shell between the water-cooled crystallizer and the steel ingot ensures the smooth and clean surface of the remelted steel ingot

During the electroslag remelting process, due to the forced cooling of the mold wall, a solidified slag shell is formed on the side of the slag pool. Under a reasonable electroslag process system, the metal bath has a cylindrical part. During the ascending process of the molten pool, when the molten metal rises and contacts the solidified slag skin, the partially solidified slag skin will be re-melted, making the slag skin thin and uniform. The metal solidifies in this layer of slag skin, and the electroslag ingot will be very Bright and clean. In addition, the existence of slag skin can reduce the radial heat transfer, which is conducive to the formation of axial crystallization conditions.

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