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Why use electroslag remelting furnace to make steel(1)


The electroslag remelting furnace is a device that remelts metals by using the heat generated by the current passing through the high-resistance slag. Electroslag remelting is generally carried out under atmospheric pressure. According to needs, vacuum units can also be equipped for vacuum refining.

Electroslag remelting furnaces have a wide range of uses. Different slag materials can be used to refine various alloy structural steels, heat-resistant steels, bearing steels, forging die steels, high-temperature alloys, precision alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, high-strength bronzes, and other aluminum and copper Alloys of non-ferrous metals such as, iron and silver; molds of different shapes can be used to directly produce high-quality cast steel such as large-diameter steel ingots, thick slabs, hollow tube billets, large diesel engine crankshafts, rolls, large gears, high-pressure vessels, gun barrels, etc. Pieces.

Features of electroslag remelting:

1) The melting, casting and solidification of metals are all realized in a relatively pure environment

The whole process is always carried out under the liquid slag layer and isolated from the atmosphere, thus minimizing the pollution of the atmosphere to the molten steel, reducing the increase of hydrogen and nitrogen in the molten steel and the secondary oxidation of steel. Slag remelting is protected by dry air during the smelting process, which further reduces the possibility of hydrogen increase. In addition, since both melting and solidification are completed in a water-cooled copper crystallizer, there is no defect that common smelting methods cause contamination of molten steel due to refractory materials.

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