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Why is the correct refractory design so important


As we all know, the refractory design remains the most fundamental factor in all furnaces construction. Refractory design details and proven technology consideration is of paramount importance to come up with an optimum furnace life and to maintain productivity in the life span of the furnace lining.

The failure to produce a technically or operationally durable refractory design lining could give rise to premature deterioration of the refractory lining and furnace shell.

The premature failure of the furnace lining will lead to extensive heat losses, furnace bath shift, change in tap hole orientation and alteration of the Pitch Circle Diameter. In this way, the pre-design of refractory lining is very important, we must pay attention to every details, finding out the most suitable refractories for each part.

Our technical team can give you a perfect design which is suitable for your furnaces according to specific needs, please contact us freely if you are interested.

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