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What refractory is used in AOD furnace


AOD argon oxygen furnace is mainly used for smelting stainless steel, and has been expanded to be used in the production of carbon steel and low alloy steel in recent years. Refractories for AOD furnace shall have good thermal shock resistance, slag resistance, mechanical wear resistance, erosion resistance, compact structure and high strength. AOD furnace lining is mainly made of magnesium chrome refractory bricks in the United States and Britain. In China and Western European countries, attention is paid to the development of magnesium calcium bricks and dolomite carbon bricks and magnesium dolomite bricks with appropriate carbon content. High purity and low impurities are required from the material. In recent years, dense reconstituted magnesia chrome bricks and other materials sintered at ultra-high temperature have also been developed. Magnesium zirconium bricks are used at the tuyere. Comprehensive masonry is also used to reduce the erosion rate of furnace lining, such as ultra-high temperature calcined dolomite brick in the tuyere area; The tapping side of the furnace wall is ceramic bonded dolomite brick; Other parts of the furnace cap and bottom are cheap asphalt bonded dolomite bricks.

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