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What kind of work does the maintenance of cement kiln body generally include


Regular inspections are required to avoid damage to the refractory due to kiln body problems. Among them, the contents checked every day are:

1.Temperature distribution of kiln body and wheel belt;

2. Monitor for abnormal sound;

3. Is the sealing device of the kiln head and kiln tail intact, whether there is air leakage or material leakage;

4. Whether the kiln mouth iron and kiln mouth refractories are damaged or missing;

5. The condition of the belt surface, whether it is in good contact with the supporting roller, whether it swings, and whether there is a crack in the welding seam of the pad;

6. Whether the surface condition of the supporting roller, the sealing condition of the bearing, the surface temperature, the lubricating oil level, and the cooling water are normal;

7. Whether the surface is good, whether the rotation of the stop wheel is flexible, and whether the contact with the wheel belt is good;

8. Whether there is any change in the tooth shape or contact of the gear, whether the bolt is loose, whether the gear lubrication device is normal, and whether there is abnormal noise or vibration.

Qualified manufacturers can use modern condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology to detect equipment problems at an early stage and take corresponding maintenance measures to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and reduce failures to stop the kiln to increase the life of refractory materials.

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