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What is the formula of refractory castable


Refractory castable is an unshaped refractory. It is a refractory product that many refractory manufacturers have. The production of refractory castable requires the formula of refractory castable. What is the formula of refractory castable? The refractory castable is made of refractory aggregate and refractory powder as the main refractory raw materials. It is made by adding a binder and an admixture and uniformly mixing. It can be put into use after mixing according to the use of the added binder during construction.

The formula composition of refractory castables is refractory aggregate, refractory powder, binder and additives. The specific refractory castables should be selected according to the needs of the use of appropriate refractory raw materials to produce, the proportion of refractory aggregate and refractory powder added, select What kind of refractory raw materials need to be considered, the same refractory castable formula, using different refractory raw materials to make castables, the performance of processed refractory castables are different, so the formula of refractory castables is very important.

There are many types of refractory castables, including clay castables, high alumina castables, mullite castables, corundum castables, wear-resistant castables, thermal shock castables, cement kiln castables, and boiler refractory castables. Refractory castables are named by selecting materials, by performance and by application. Refractory castables have different names and refractory castables have different formulations.

Clay castables can produce a variety of castables, can be used in a variety of industrial kilns, can be customized production and processing according to customer needs, different performance, different uses of clay castables require different clay castable formulations, clay castables The formula can also be adjusted according to the needs of customers to ensure that the produced clay castables meet the needs of customers, meet the use of industrial kiln liners, and meet the requirements of high temperature performance of kiln.

The refractory castable formula selected by the performance-named refractory castable is mainly based on a certain characteristic, such as abrasion-resistant refractory castable. The formula of refractory castable requires the use of refractory materials with high temperature and wear resistance to ensure refractory casting. Under the condition of high temperature operation of the kiln, the material has good abrasion resistance and can resist the erosion of air flow and slag.

The refractory castable formula named for the purpose of the refractory castable is selected for this type of high-temperature industrial kiln. For example, refractory castable for cement kiln has thermal shock resistance, wear resistance and erosion resistance, so it is refractory castable. The material formula needs to produce refractory castables with these properties according to the needs of the kiln.

The formula of refractory castable is the foundation and support of refractory castable. The production of refractory castables must first have a good formula, and then control the quality of the refractory castable materials to ensure that the refractory castables have good high temperature performance at high temperatures.

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