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Using requirements of refractory materials for boiler


    Boiler burner band main properties of refractory material should have included slag resistance, high strength, wear resistance, thermal stability, thermal conductivity and other properties. The traditional refractory belt mainly used chrome refractory ramming material, but because of the domestic high quality chrome resource scarcity, therefore is the main use of silicon carbide ramming material, silicon carbide high alumina coating material, high aluminum phosphate can be plastic, high temperature expansion plastic.
    Of which the first two kinds of materials of high prices, but the long service life, good performance, and then two kinds of material price is low, but performance in general, and short service life. Therefore in the cyclone furnace liquid slag furnace and should not be used in high phosphate refractory plastic or ramming material, to avoid peeling or cracks in use in the production, so as to enhance the slag resistance of material and reduce the repair frequency.
    High-temperature micro expansion refractory plastic and super 3000 water clay refractory performance fairly, has shown some advantages in the application to the wall pipe and boiler furnace top. But this kind of material in its solidification time is long, easy to dry shrinkage crack, thus for the construction and maintenance of a great deal of trouble. At the same time the supplier quality there is a certain fluctuation, sometimes refractoriness and normal temperature strength of less than 1580 degrees and 981N/cm2.
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