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Types of ladle refractory materials


1. Aluminum-magnesium castable. The castable is mainly used for ladle body. Its characteristic is that under the action of molten steel, the reaction between MgO and A12O3 in the castable can generate aluminum oval spinel, which improves the slag resistance and thermal shock resistance of the lining.

2. Magnesium-carbon brick. The brick is mainly used for ladle slag line, especially for multiple furnace pouring occasions. The content of MgO in brick is generally about 76%, and the content of carbon is 15%.

3. Alumina-magnesium-carbon brick. This refractory brick is a ladle lining developed on the basis of aluminum-magnesium castable, which has a long service life.

4. Don't burn bricks. At present, almost all the bricks used in ladle can be made into the corresponding non-fired bricks. Its characteristic is to make craft relatively simple, the price is low. Brick itself has a certain mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, easy to construct masonry.

If the ladle itself is also used for refining, MgO3 series and MgO can also be selected, mainly including: magnesia chrome brick, magnesia chrome aluminum brick, dolomite brick, etc.

In the use of content of ink material of the brick for ladle lining, it is best to apply a layer of anti-oxidation coating on its surface, to prevent the burning of the bag, the lining surface oxidation loose, affect its service life.

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