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The trend of fused magnesia sand price


From news on foreign media that influenced by Chinese market, Fused magnesia sand price in European market is also higher and higher now, while the price is more than 1500USD/T now.

The main reason is still because of lacking supply of raw material. What was worse that there is no any evidence show that the price will be lower in nearly future.

Winter is coming, and environment pollution will be heavier. Chinese government will carry out more and more environment protection policy, while more and more plant need to close which result in higher and higher price of fused magnesia sand.

Most purchaser from all of the world calculate that fused magnesia sand price will be higher and higher in coming 2018.

What is more, some foreign purchaser indicate that magnesia sand quality is not as good as before. This is also because there is not enough mineral supplying, which result in poor quality than before.

So if you need refractory products, please purchase as soon as possible. Time is money for you.

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