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The trend and reason of graphite electrode price increase(2)


3.In addition, restocking demand is also expected to push graphite electrodes to continue rising prices.

In terms of inventories, after a fall in October and November, stocks of graphite electrodes in traders and steel mills were basically empty, and inventories in the industrial chain are now at very low levels.
According to graphite electrode enterprises, apart from the Fujian steel plants to maintain a two-month stock, domestic large and medium-sized steel plants this wave of procurement has basically completed pre-season stock.
In the near future, the possibility of price stability before the Spring Festival is greater. After the big probability of Spring Festival to early March, with the steel factory inventory replenishment and the northern region heating season before the end of the steel factory stock in advance. This will again lead to concentrated demand, when the market price of graphite electrodes is expected to rise again as the supply of spot inventory of graphite electrodes is insufficient.

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