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The role of slag


The entire steel-making process consists of oxidation and reduction. The oxidation of carbon, silicon, manganese, and phosphorus is usually called the reaction in the oxidation period, and the desulfurization and deoxidation are called the reaction in the reduction period. As can be seen from the above reaction formulas, in order to remove impurities in the metal, various factors must be considered, but the most important factors are slag formation and slag removal.

Slag has the following important roles in the steelmaking process:

1.The slag should ensure that the steelmaking process proceeds in a certain direction of reaction (oxidation or reduction).

2.The slag should ensure the maximum removal of harmful impurities (phosphorus and sulfur) in the metal, and prevent the gas (nitrogen and hydrogen) in the furnace gas from entering the metal.

3.The slag should ensure the minimum loss of iron and other valuable elements during the operation.

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