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The matters attention in refractory castable construction


Details to be known before construction
1. Strictly control the amount of water added, winter construction environment, temperature must be greater than 5 Celsius Degree, and there are anti-freezing measures.
2. Refractory castables should be mixed by mixer. Artificial mixing is strictly prohibited.
3. This product is strictly prohibited from mixing with other castables.

Preparations before construction and strict inspection are as follows:
Prepare pouring material construction equipment and clean up on site; construction equipment and equipment are in good condition; anchorage material, size, layout and welding quality and water loss prevention measures of surrounding refractory bricks; pre-test whether the pouring material is invalid before use; water quality should meet drinking water standards; the above acceptance is qualified, and ensure uninterrupted implementation. Under construction conditions, construction work can be started.

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