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The main contents of high-efficiency continuous casting technology


High-efficiency continuous casting technology is a system's overall technology. The realization of high-efficiency continuous casting requires the coordination and unification of all aspects of the process, equipment, production organization and management, logistics management, production operations and the matching steelmaking workshop. The main technical contents are as follows:
(1) To ensure the appropriate molten steel temperature, the best molten steel composition. And guarantee the stability of the continuous casting related supporting technology.
(2) Related technologies for the supply of clean molten steel and continuous flow of molten steel.
(3) The key technology of continuous casting - a long-life mold assembly with high cooling intensity and uniform heat conduction (including the overall structure of the crystallizer, precision water jacket, curved copper tube with uniform heat conduction, etc.).
(4) High-precision, long-life crystallizer vibration device is one of the key technologies of high-efficiency continuous casting, including optimization of vibration device hardware and software optimization of crystallizer vibration form and vibration process parameters.

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