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The introduction of 3 types lining materials used for tundish


As a key part of steel plants, tundish plays an very important roles. As per research on different steel plants, mainly 3 types refractory lining material are being used, tundish board, spay mix and vibration dry mix. Characters of these 3 types materials are as following,

1.Tundish board: Economic and easy to operate. While the service life is very short. In this way, this material is mainly being used in some small factories which are not continues casting.

2.Spray mix: Easy for installation, and requirement on lining thickness is not very serious, 50mm is available.

3.Vibration dry mix: Service life can be longer, and much more safe. Through CCM technology developing, spray mix and vibration dry mix are widely used in different countries. While the cost for these two materials are very high. Regardless of the above 3 materials, many plants here in China, they are using silica ramming mass as tundish lining materials. For this material, it can be used in different conditions, no matter continues casting or not, it can have a very good performance, and the cost is only about 1/5 of spray mix and vibration dry mix. Furthermore, according to our experience in some plants, the service successfully reached 20 hours casting times. If any interests for this material, please feel free to contact us.

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