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The influence of water time of steel


In general, steel water is almost insoluble in the refractory materials, or steel water to the refractory materials corrosion is very slow, the corrosion of steel-wrapped refractory materials is mainly caused by slag.The effect of steel water on refractory materials is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, in the process of steel production, steel pouring and argon blowing stirring, Steel water has a great flow rate and impact force, Sour refractory lining, Causes refractory loss and refractory particles into steel water, Most of the refractory particles entering the steel water float into the slag, And there are small parts of small particles that can not rise and form non-metallic inclusions of steel, It affects the quality of the steel; Second, the coated refractory material is dissolved into the steel water, General refractory has a very low solubility in steel, Distic erosion is minimal, However, some components (such as carbon) in the refractory materials are highly soluble in steel, Dissolves in the steel, It affects the production of low-carbon steel and ultra-low-carbon steel; Third, some components of refractory materials interact with some components in the steel water (especially some special steel components), Chemical reactions occur, Cain altered steel composition and erosion of refractory.

The residence time of steel water in the steel package is divided into steel output time (2~7min), refining time, residence time, and steel pouring time.The degree of erosion to the refractory lining is different during these periods.During the process of steel export, the impact force of steel water on the lining leads to local erosion loss, and the reaction erosion of slag and refractory is also fierce due to strong mixing.During the refining process, the longer the refining time, the more the slag reacts with the refractory, the greater the melting erosion, the lower the service life of the steel package, and the lining service life decreases linearly with the refining time.During stay, the interface reaction layer thickened over time, the reactants and generator go through a long period of diffusion, and erosion is controlled by diffusion.According to the diffusion dynamics equation, the amount of erosion is proportional to the square root of the residence time, so that the coated refractory is eroded slower during the residence.During the steel pouring process, the slag falls first and falls over the steel package in different positions, which is the main reason for the erosion of the steel package melting pool.However, during the steel pouring process, the slag contact time with the lining somewhere is very short, so the lining erosion in the steel pouring process is still very little.

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