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The influence of operating factors on the slide gate plate


There are three main aspects of damage to the slide gate plate caused by operating factors.

One is the unreasonable installation of the slide gate plate. When the sliding plate is installed on the sliding mechanism, if there is warping or loose clamping, a great external stress will be generated during use, which will eventually lead to the overall destruction of the sliding plate.

The second is the unreasonable pouring flow control in production. In the pouring process, if the flow control is unreasonable (for example, the operation range is too large, the movement is too frequent, etc.), it is easy to cause the sliding, erosion, and steel clamping of the sliding surface. In particular, the damage caused by human factors to the slide gate plate is the greatest when it is manual.

The third is that the oxygen burning operation is unreasonable. When the ladle does not flow down during the pouring process, the ladle nozzle must be burned with oxygen. At this time, if the oxygen burning operation is unreasonable, serious oxygen burning will occur. The improper operations in the middle mainly include oxygen blowing when the slide gate plate is not completely to the eye, causing oxygen to directly impact the working surface of the slide gate plate; when the drainage sand is not completely outflowed, it is difficult to boil. At this time, oxygen blowing will easily cause the oxygen blowing time to be too long; It is not parallel to the abortion, causing the oxygen flow to flush the side wall of the slide hole, forming a reaming, etc. When the ladle turnover time is unreasonable, it will cause the overall temperature of the ladle to drop, which will cause thermal shock when it is used again; improper proportion of the fire mud used in the slide gate plate, uneven mixing, or impurities in it, etc.

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