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The impact of ladle


Steelmaking is to smelt scrap, molten iron and other raw materials in a steelmaking furnace into steel that meets the requirements of chemical composition, physical and chemical properties, and meets the needs of users.The methods often used to complete steelmaking tasks are: oxygen supply, slagging, heating, adding deoxidizers and alloying agents. The main equipment used is a steelmaking furnace and a ladle.After the steel is made in the steelmaking furnace, the liquid steel is sent to the argon blowing, refining and continuous casting platform through the ladle to complete the steel casting task with the continuous casting.The main functions of the ladle during this period are:

(1)Storage and transportation of liquid steel;

(2)Deoxidizing and alloying molten steel;

(3)Complete the temperature adjustment of molten steel, uniform composition and floating inclusions;

(4)Carry out refining and vacuum treatment outside the furnace.

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