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The hot repair process of EAF taphole


Electric Furnace Gunning Mix

1.Choose the right timing. The first repair should be after 60-70 heats or when tapping time is no more than 2 minutes and 10 seconds, then repair after each 30-40 heats.

2.Incline the EAF after tapping, properly place the gunning sleeve in the taphole through sand filling hole.

3.Mount pallet on EBT handcart.

4.Mount nut cap on gunning sleeve.

5.Get the gunning mix ready on EBT platform.

6.Put the gunning head into sand filling hole to spry the gunning refractory material into the gap between gunning sleeve and taphole bricks.

7.Close the gunning machine and pull out gunning head when the gunning material is in the same level with bottom material.

8.Dismount nut cap and pallet.

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