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The classification and application of Magnesite Brick


Generally magnesite bricks can be divided into sintered magnesite bricks (also called burnt magnesia brick) and chemically bonded magnesite bricks (also called unfired magnesite bricks).

Sintered magnesite bricks are made from shaped brick with a process of being crushed, batched, mixed and shaped. It is sintered under the temperature of 1550~1600 degree Celsius. And the sintered temperature of high purity products is generally above 1750 degree Celsius. For the production of unfired magnesite bricks, it is that magnesite sand being added into some chemical bond and then being mixed, shaped and dried, thus finally made the unfired magnesite brick.

The magnesite bricks are mainly used for alkaline open-hearth furnace for steel making, the bottom and side wall of electric furnace and heating furnace, the permanent lining of oxygen converter, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, high temperature tunnel kiln, the lining of cement rotary kiln, and also it can be used as lattice brick in glass kiln heat storage room and so on.

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