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The application of pouring material


A material with good fluidity after adding water and stirring, also known as pouring material. After molding, it needs to be properly maintained to make it coagulate and harden, and it can be used after baking according to a certain system. The grouting material uses aluminum silicate clinker, corundum material or alkaline refractory clinker as the aggregate; the lightweight grouting material uses expanded perlite, vermiculite, ceramsite and alumina hollow spheres as the aggregate. Calcium aluminate cement, water glass, ethyl silicate, polyaluminum chloride, clay or phosphate are used as binders. The admixture depends on the usage, its role is to improve the construction performance and improve the physical and chemical properties.

The construction and molding methods of grouting include vibration method, pump injection method, pressure injection method, spray method, etc. The overall lining is made of grout, and it is often used in conjunction with metal or ceramic anchors. If it is reinforced with stainless steel fiber, its resistance to mechanical vibration and thermal shock can be improved. The grouting material is used as the lining of various heat treatment furnaces, ore roasting furnaces, catalytic cracking furnaces, reformers, etc., and also used as the lining of melting furnaces and high-temperature melt launders, such as lead-zinc melting furnaces, tin baths, salt baths Furnace, tapping or tapping trough, ladle, suction nozzle of molten steel vacuum circulation degassing device, etc.

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