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The application and working principle of sliding nozzle


Nowadays sliding nozzle systerm is becoming more and more important in the process of melting and be an necessary part for melting. It is the control device of molten steel in casting process, which can precisely adjust the water flow from ladle to tundish, to make the flowing and flowing out of the molten steel can reach a balance, so that the continuous casting operation is easier to control.Because of its good controllability, the sliding gate system can improve the efficiency of steel making and has been developed rapidly. At present, the sliding gate system is widely used in ladle and tundish.

Generally, the sliding nozzle is composed of a driving device, a mechanical part and a refractory material part (i.e. upper and lower slide plate, nozzle). The working principle of the sliding gate is to slide the upper and lower sliding plate brick through the sliding mechanism, thereby driving the opening and closing of the flow steel hole to adjust the flow rate of the molten steel.

As the refractory material and mechanical component of the sliding gate system,in order to obtain a longer service life and stable operating conditions,sliding gate is requested with excellent properties.

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