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The application and selection of refractory materials in lime kiln


1.How to choose kiln lining material
(1) Insulation, furnace shell and the permanent layer refractory insulation layer can choose between aluminum silica refractory fiber felt layer on the inner wall of the furnace shell, then clay insulating brick masonry. Heat preservation brick can be single or double layer adopted according to the thickness of the lining design.
(2) The permanent layer and working layer: permanent layer typically USES clay brick masonry. Working layer is according to the size of the kiln, can use different materials such as clay, high aluminum, magnesium, aluminum, magnesium chrome brick, etc. We are in big volume of lime kiln adopts thermal stability good burn into basic brick, in a small volume of kiln, the use of the burning and not burn comprehensive basic brick masonry.

2. Kiln designing
The design of the kiln lining to the heat preservation performance is good, heat storage principle. Kiln wall thickness is 600 ~ 850 mm, small volume lower limit, big volume to take close to upper limit. Kiln wall thickness, heat preservation performance is poor, high heat loss, energy consumption is high. General lime kiln wall structure since the furnace shell, in turn, is 40 ~ 70 mm fiber felt, 115 ~ 265 mm light clay brick, clay brick, 230 mm, 230 mm layer brick work.

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