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The advantages of corundum low-cement castable which for a variety of industrial furnace lining


Corundum low-cement castable is CaO content of less than 2.5% of the castable. Calcium aluminate cement that is about ordinary calcium aluminate cement castable 1/2 to 1/3 of the castable is called low cement castable.low-cement castable has the following advantages:
1. the low content of CaO in the castables can reduce the formation of eutectic phase in the material, thus improving the refractoriness, high temperature strength and anti-slag erosion.
2. when the castables to reconcile the construction of water only ordinary castable 1/3 to 1/2, and thus low porosity, high bulk density.
3. After pouring, the matter produced in curing is less, and there is not a large amount of hydration bond in the heating and baking, which causes the decrease of the medium temperature strength, but also with the heat treatment temperature increasing.
4. he strength of castable composition to do the appropriate adjustments can be prepared into the gravity casting material and pump irrigation castable.

Corundum low cement castable is mainly used in metallurgy, power, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, building materials and other industries. Such as the bottom of the glass kiln, cement kiln door front and rear cooler front and other parts of the high temperature, before and after the kiln, coal injection pipe; furnace, soaking furnace and other heat treatment furnace; IF induction furnace lining, petrochemical catalysis High-temperature wear-resistant lining of the cracking reactor, and other industrial furnace lining. It can be used in casting, smearing and ramming of the construction methods.

The main use of parts: for the front of the mouth of a large cement kiln, coal injection pipe and other parts, especially for the temperature of 1550 Celsius in a variety of burner parts and other industrial furnace lining.

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