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The 18 provisions on refractory pouring construction in the national standard(2)


7. The insulating refractory castable should be tamped manually. When mechanical vibration is used, segregation and volume density increase should be prevented.

8.The construction of refractory castable shall be carried out continuously. Before the initial setting of the front layer refractory castable, the second layer refractory castable should be poured. Intermittent exceeding initial setting time shall be handled according to the requirements of construction joints. Construction joints shall be left at the center line of the same row of anchor bricks.

9.After construction, refractory castable shall be cured according to the method specified in the design. Refractory castables shall not be subjected to external force and vibration during curing.

10.The bearing formwork shall be removed after the refractory castable reaches more than 70% of the design strength. Hot-hardening refractory castables shall be baked to the specified temperature and then removed.

11. For the on-site pouring quality of refractory castables, a batch of retained test blocks shall be inspected every 20m3 for each brand or the same mixture ratio, and a batch of inspections shall be made if the number is insufficient. When the same brand or mixture ratio is used for multiple constructions, the test block shall be retained for each construction. Test block inspection should be carried out according to the current relevant national standards.

12.The surface of refractory castable liner may have slight reticular cracks, but there shall be no defects such as cracks, holes and spalling.

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