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The 18 provisions on refractory pouring construction in the national standard(1)


In the construction of refractory castable, many construction teams do not have professional construction qualifications, and the unqualified construction quality leads to the delay of the project or the waste of materials. In fact, in the national standards, the construction, maintenance, mold removal and the construction of refractory castable prefabricated parts have made very clear specification requirements. Specifically as follows:

1.Waterproof measures shall be taken for the surface of heat insulation masonry in contact with refractory castable.

2. Refractory castable shall be stirred by forced mixer. The mixing time and liquid adding amount shall be implemented according to the product instruction manual. When changing the grade of materials, the mixer, hopper and weighing container should be cleaned.

3. The stirred refractory castable shall be poured within 30min, or within the specified time according to the product instruction manual. Initial setting refractory castables shall not be used.

4.Steel bars or metal embedded parts in refractory castables shall be located on non-heated surfaces. Expansion buffer layer shall be set at the contact part between steel bar or metal buried part and refractory castable according to design regulations.

5.The setting of expansion joints of integrally cast refractory material lining shall comply with the design regulations. When the expansion joint is not specified in the design, it can be set according to the inspection results of the current national standard "Test Method for Thermal Expansion of Refractories" GB/T7320. For clay or high-alumina refractory castables, etc., the following data can also be used for the average value of expansion joints per meter long lining: 1 clay refractory castable is 4mm-6mm; 2 aluminate cement refractory castable is 6mm-8mm; 3 phosphate refractory castable is 6mm-8mm; 4 sodium silicate refractory castable is 4 mm and 6 mm; 5 Portland cement refractory castable is 5mm-8mm.

6. Refractory castable shall be vibrated and compacted. Vibrating rods or plate vibrators should be used for vibrating machines. When using vibrator, the thickness of pouring layer should not exceed 1.25 times of the length of the working part of vibrator; When using a flat vibrator, its thickness should not exceed 200mm.

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