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Ten Questions Needed to Note in Using Firebrick (1)


    1. Firebrick lining can be divided into four categories according to brick gap size and sophistication of the operation.
    Its category and brick gap size are:
    Class 1, not wider than 0.5mm;
    Class 2, not wider than 1mm;
    Class 3, not wider than 2mm;
    Class 4, not wider than 3mm.
    Rotary kiln system with fire clay refractory lining masonry, mortar joints should be within 2mm, the construction should be strictly controlled. Not move equipment lining the mortar joint, and the upper and lower inner and outer layers of brick joints should be staggered.
    2. Modulating brick with refractory mortar should be prepared in accordance with the following principles:
    (1) Before modulating brick should deal with various refractory mortar masonry pre-test and pre-determine the different bonding slurry time, initial setting time, consistency, and water.
    (2) Modulating different mud should use different utensils and cleaned in time.
    (3) Modulation of different quality mud to use clean water, water should be weighed accurately and reconcile should be uniform, with the tone with the use. Has prepared a good hard mud hydraulic and gas can not add water to use, has the initial setting mud shall continue to use.
    (4) Modulation phosphate binding provisions to ensure that the mud trapped material time, as used with the tune, has good modulation shall be arbitrarily diluted with water and mud. This mud is corrosive because not in direct contact with the metal casing.
    3. Firebrick varieties based on the design and layout of masonry. Masonry should be sought Zhuanfeng straight, smooth arc, masonry dense. For the refractory lining of the kiln cylinder must also ensure reliable concentric rings and brick kiln barrel, it should ensure that the brick kiln shell with full posts tight surface contact between the bricks should be firm and binding. When the device Not move masonry brick lining, fire mud plumpness requires more than 95%, use the puree pointing surface cracks between the blocks, but promptly scrape the surface of the excess mud brick lining.
    4. Using a wooden hammer, rubber hammer or hard plastic hammer and other flexible tools to brick work and not use steel hammer.
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