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Stable rising trend of fused magnesia price


In middle of July, the price of 96 fused magnesia China is RMB 3300-3500 per ton, 97 fused magnesia is RMB 4100-4300 per ton, 98 fused magnesia is RMB 4300-4500 per ton, to maintain the used magnesia prices of the end of June.

At present, the trend of rising prices of fused magnesia products is stable, and the price of magnesite raw materials is still very unstable and the prospect is not clear. The manufacturers still consume the raw ore in stock, and maintained the old customers. It is hard to have order from a new cusomer. There is another question to be concern, because the refractory material fused magnesia products using electric arc furnace for production, the fused magnesia production process will use the graphite electrode such consumables, the current price of graphite electrodes can be used "astronomical" as a metaphor. So the enterprise's production costs will increase, coupled with environmental inspection, strict management of raw ore and other issues, the trend of rising price is obvious.

In summary, the rising price of magnesite and other series of products caused by environmental supervision, from other side is also an accelerated integration process. In the near future, the production of magnesia products will be more environmentally friendly, advanced, large-scale equipment and automation.

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