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Solutions to improve service life of ladle slide gate plate


Slide gate plate is the most important part among the slide gate nozzle system, which directly control the flow of the molten steel. Due to long time contact with high temperature molten steel and frequently strong heat impact, it easily got spoiled. Following are some solutions that could promote slide gate plate service life.

1.Types of slide gate plate
It is better to use the alumina- carbon based slide gate plate, which has a good erosion and strong thermal shock resistance. Bonded with carbon material, this type of slide gate characterized with high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient.

2.Installation of slide gate plate
Make sure the fire mortar has a suitable proportion, mixed well and suitable proportion and no impurities. Never use the dried and lumpy mortar. It is also not acceptable to mix the new mortar with the used one. Make sure the upper nozzle is clean, no any residue in slide gate frame and sliding mechanism. Before installation, make sure the slide gate are not deformed or cracked. Keep the slide gate steady and smooth during the installation, and check whether there is any bump and swing after installation.

3.Using of slide gate plate
It is better to adapt auto cast program when casting steel, do not frequently and drastically open or close the slide gate. Once in need of burn oxygen, the slide gate plate must be fully opened and discharge the slide gate sand as much as possible.

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