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Single hole converter bottom air supply brick

The single hole converter bottom air supply brick solves the technical problems of high manufacturing cost, easy air leakage and blockage, waste of air source, high production consumption cost, failure to achieve the synchronization of top and bottom combined blowing, and difficult to ensure the quality of steelmaking; The bottom air supply brick of single hole converter is composed of refractory brick, air supply pipe, reinforcing plate and connecting pipe. The air supply hole is made on the fire brick, and the plug-in external connector hole is made at the lower end of the air supply hole. The air supply pipe is welded with the connecting pipe. The integrated air supply pipe and connecting pipe are inserted into the air supply hole and plug-in external connector hole in the refractory brick and bonded with fire-resistant adhesive, Bonding reinforcing plate at the bottom end of refractory brick; The utility model has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, low production consumption cost, no air leakage and blockage, easy to reach the top and bottom combined blowing synchronization, so as to mix the molten steel evenly and improve the steelmaking quality; Single hole converter bottom air supply brick is widely used in converter steelmaking furnace.
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