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Several types and application of ceramic fibers


    Lightweight ceramic fiber is a fibrous refractory material, the main chemical ingredient is aluminum silicate, can be classified according to their mineral composition glass fiber and polycrystalline fibers into two categories. Glass fiber is a material from the molten liquid in the cooling flow formed amorphous solid fiber; polycrystalline fiber and more colloid injection method (or rejection wire method) into fiber, high-temperature calcinations generation.
    Types and Uses
    Ceramic fiber varieties are: ordinary aluminum silicate fiber, high alumina silicate fibers, aluminum silicate fiber (including Cr2O3, ZrO2 or B2O3), polycrystalline alumina fibers and polycrystalline mullite fiber. Form of ceramic fiber products mainly include: ceramic fiber cotton, felt, blanket, modules, paper, cloth, tape, rope, etc.
    Ceramic fiber blanket (Fiber Module): use more self-blow, even the melting process is made even thrown Production spun long fibers, the fibers interwoven sided acupuncture can be directly used as a flame hot surface. Widely used in heat insulation petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and so on.
    Ceramic fiber: binder and ceramic fiber additive, after pulping, forming, curing and drying processes are made. Widely used in various heating equipment walls, roof and other parts of the backing, is a heavy refractory.
    Ceramic fiber cloth, tape: mainly used in fire doors, insulated industrial furnace insulation, heat pipes and containers.
    Ceramic fiber rope: mainly used in various industrial furnaces expansion joints, high temperature pipe insulation winding, insulation and other steel junction.
    Ceramic fiber paper: made of ceramic fibers and binders, additives, after pulping, molding, curing and drying processes made, is sealed, an ideal material for insulation. Can be used for a variety of thermal furnace expansion joints, high temperature gaskets and other parts of the insulation.
    Also, the ceramic fiber filter and the catalyst can be applied to a support material, packing materials and friction materials, insulating coatings, reinforcing materials.
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