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Several features of refractory lining for EAF


Refractory lining for EAF can be generally divided into two types: Acidic and neutral. Most of the EAF adapt neutral material as lining layer, which possess the following features.

1. High refractoriness under load: With effect of electric arc, the inner temperature of lining layer could reach up to 1500-1800C. So high refractoriness are badly required for bearing high temperature impact.
2. Strong slag resistance: During the steel melting process, slag, smoke and dust would penetrate into the lining through the void under, thus without strong slag resistance, the refractory material will be easily burnout and finally peel off.
3. Good thermal shock resistance: Opening of the furnace door and lifting of the cover will bring thermal shock on lining material, which will be inevitably result in peel off and crack down. Therefore in order to achieve a good protection to the lining, Thermal shock resistance shall be also guaranteed.
4. High strength: The Lining will be crashed during the loading, shocked during the turning, eroded from metal, slag and liquid flow at extremely high temperature. So high strength characteristic will largely reduce such wash out.
5. Low thermal and electrical conductivity: It will keep the steel liquid staying at a stable temperature, saving the energy and improve heat efficiency.

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