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Selection of refractory materials for AOD furnaces


The selection of AOD furnace lining refractory materials is based on the various influences of AOD furnace smelting on refractory materials and the high standard requirements for stainless steel molten steel.

Therefore, the following requirements should be met when selecting refractory materials:

1) Good high temperature resistance;
2 Good slag corrosion resistance;
3) High thermal shock resistance;
4) Good volume stability;
5) It can purify molten steel.

Since both MgO and CaO in magnesia-calcium bricks have high melting points (MgO2825oC, CaO2620oC), their eutectic point is also as high as 2370cC. Magnesia-calcium refractory bricks have both high alkaline slag resistance and acid slag resistance; at the same time, magnesia-calcium refractories are most conducive to molten steel desulfurization and dephosphorization. Therefore, Tangshan Iron and Steel chose magnesia-calcium brick as the lining material of its AOD furnace.

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