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Reuse of waste refractory material


In 2013, China's crude steel output reached more than 700 million tons, annual output is about 29 million tons, refractory after use of refractory material of nearly 9 million t every year. These waste refractory materials are often buried on site or used in downshift, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution. Such as : dust pollution; refractory raw material zirconia radioactive ; Carcinogenicity of refractory fibers and asbestos.

Resources are very important to all countries. Many resources are not renewable. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to how to recycle the used refractory materials. Research has been carried out in depth. Since post-use refractories are distributed throughout the country.If fully and effectively utilized, the mining of refractory minerals in China can be reduced. Reduce the production cost and energy consumption in the process of preparing refractory raw material. Save the transportation cost of refractory raw materials, which is conducive to saving resources, energy saving and environmental protection.

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