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Requirements for refractories of blast furnace trough


    What are the requirements of blast furnace trough refractories performance? According to introducing, blast furnace trough is leads to high temperature molten iron or slag channel. In the production process to the following destructive effect subjected to several factors:
    (1) The refractory material withstands high temperature molten iron and slag flow intense erosion.
    (2) The chemical erosion of blast furnace slag.
    (3) The destruction of action of thermal shock and intense intermittent iron.
    Therefore, the requirements of trough lining refractory material should have the following characteristics:
    (1) Trough lining stronger anti high temperature molten iron and slag corrosion and erosion ability of refractory materials.
    (2) With anti high temperature performance and excellent wear resistance.
    (3) The chemical erosion of stronger anti high temperature slag.
    (4) Better thermal shock resistance, small changes in heavy firing.
    (5) Against various oxidative ability stronger.
    (6) Easy construction, convenient for disassembly and repair, does not produce harmful gases, is conducive to the Protect environment.
    Xinmi Changxing refractory exporters introducing the construction method, in addition to the use of blast furnace spray paint, blast furnace ramming material, by using the method of vibration molding or casting molding trough. When using these two methods can not dismantle the trough residues lining, making full use of original trench lining, thereby reducing the consumption of refractory material, at the same time, to improve the working conditions of construction. That can prolong the service life of iron trough.
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