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Refractory products for VOD furnace


VOD ladle is a kind of refining ladle, which is widely used in small and big steel plant, and especially for stainless steel.

All the products used in VOD should have following quality: can resistance slag corroding and anti-strip.

Following are VOD furnace applied products:
Common magnesia chrome brick, magnesite dolomite brick, zircon brick and high alumina brick used for working layer except slag line; magnesia brick or clay brick used for permanent layer; ramming mass used for filling gap between bottom and lining. Slag line applied bricks include: magnesite dolomite brick, magnesia-chromite brick, dolomite brick and lime brick.

Generally speaking, magnesia carbon brick and magnesia chrome brick are mainly bricks for VOD furnace lining. When use magnesia chrome brick build working layer, and please make sure the furnace is dry. In other world, please baking permanent layer in advance before build magnesia chrome brick, or the brick will be very easy to drop.

Our company can supplier all the VOD applied products and free design. If you need any products, please provide drawing of the furnace and exactly products can be provided for you.

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