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Refractory materials for AOD furnace


AOD steel refining method was invented by Jocelyn Company in 1968, and its application has been rapidly promoted. So far, AOD steel refining has become the main method of stainless steel refining. However, AOD furnace in the process of application, its application conditions are very strict, lining erosion is serious. Therefore, in order to improve the lining life of AOD furnace, it is very necessary to select refractories with good performance.

At present, dolomite brick, magnesia dolomite brick and magnesia chrome brick are mainly used as lining refractories for AOD furnace. Among them, magnesia-Chrome brick production process is complex, and has high firing temperature, high energy consumption, high cost disadvantages. In addition, magnesite-chrome refractories, under high temperature, alkaline medium and oxidizing atmosphere, the material of Cr3, will be converted into a strong carcinogenic Cr6, and do great harm to human body and environment, therefore, magnesite chrome brick is gradually replaced by calcium magnesium material, calcium magnesium refractory materials has become the current of choice for AOD furnace lining refractory materials.

Europe has abundant natural dolomite, dolomite refractory materials widely used the AOD lining, to be used for substituting magnesite chrome brick, the wall using low grade asphalt combined with not burned magnesia dolomite brick or burned magnesium dolomite, slag line using high temperature firing magnesium dolomite brick, the AOD furnace lining life are less than magnesite chrome brick lining, but it can make the steelmaking cost is low, has the advantages of obvious economic benefit.

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