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Refractory material for ladle permanent layer


Currently there are two kinds of refractory material used in permanent layer of ladle, which are high alumina brick and high alumina castable, here is a comparison:

1.Construction: The construction of high alumina brick is easy, only mortar needed, no drying required, but it takes more time; while the construction of high alumina castable needs mould and drying process, and it costs less time;
2.Using: High alumina castable is more compact, if you use high alumina brick, molten steel is more likely going to leak from the brick joints;
3.Breaking of lining: As high alumina is more compact than high alumina brick, the breaking of it is comparatively harder.
4.Service life: For this item, there is not a big difference between those two refractory products.

Overall, high alumina castable is better than high alumina brick as ladle permanent layer, more and more steel plants are using high alumina castable.

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