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Refractory castable flowability


    As we all know that refractory castable has refractoriness, but what is its fluidity? This point will we do not know, because a lot of people for refractory castable fluidity is not particularly understand, so today let technicians Changxing new secret to tell you: the flow of knowledge refractory castable degree.
    We all know that is not the same refractory castable construction, but only that they have the same fluidity, but there will be different refractory castable performance problems at the same fluidity of the situation, and these are associated with castable construction method, temperature and material used so inseparable bond, so it proved castable has certain fluidity. But how do we find the fluidity of refractory castable and its determination it? Then we need to use the fluidity of the measurement equipment, and is a 760mm diameter table of jump. The trial of a high 127mm, catchy diameter 171mm, 254mm outlet diameter truncated cones placed in the center jump table, mixing the two layers tamping castable placed the barrel, then remove the cone to a beat rate of 15 times per second, so that the desktop castable expansion amount of the expanded diameter D (mm). The formula to calculate the degree of liquidity is: F1: F1 = (D-254) / 254 * 100%. After these processes is measured out refractory castable degree of liquidity.
    Comprehensive above described, the fluidity of refractory castable what knowledge you have some understanding of it, if you want to consult more knowledge about refractory castable can consult us.
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