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Refractory Materials Design for Rotary Cement Kiln -- Changxing Refractory


    With 30 years development and rich work site construction experience, Changxing Refractory has accumulated enough experience in supplying materials for rotary cement kiln. Sum up, we have the following points to share.
    1. There are two types of rotary cement kiln. One is wet process kiln, used for cement production, chemical industry, and metallurgy. The other type is dry process kiln, all used for producing Cement, lime, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, carbon, etc.
    2. Due to raw material temperature change along furnace length, the furnace consist of 6 zones: Drying zone(<150 degree centigrade), preheating zone(150-750 degree centigrade), calcining zone(750-1000 degree centigrade), exothermic reaction zone(1000-1300 degree centigrade), firing zone(1300-1400 degree centigrade), cooling zone(1300-1000 degree centigrade).
    3. Brief refractory materials design for each part of rotary cement kiln.
A. For center part of firing zone: Direct bonded magnesia chrome brick of common magnesia chrome brick (Refractoriness under load: min 1700 degree centigrade).
B. For transitional zone: Spinel brick, silica mullite brick.
C. For kiln discharging mouth: SIC brick, spinel brick, direct-bonded magnesia chrome brick and castable.
D. For kiln mouth: High quality high alumina brick, phosphate bonded high alumina brick.
E. For Kiln door: High alumina brick, clay insulation brick and calcium silicate board, etc.
F. For cooling zone: Anti-alkali brick and castable.
    Generally, Changxing Refractory can offer clients with free customized design and give clients a competitive cost budget to improve cement productivity, and also, Changxing Refractory can dispatch engineers for work site guidance. Should you have any needs of the whole program design and refractory materials supply, please feel free to contact us, we warmly welcome any questions and inquiry.
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