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Refractory Material for Tundish (Continuous Casting Furnace)


    Tundish furnace is a kind of refractory material vessel used in the short flow steelmaking, taking in the flow of molten liquid from Ladle and distribute to crystallizer by nozzle. It is used to stabilize the steel flow, reduce erosion of shell, and purify steel liquid by floating the impurities, store the liquid and finally allocate the liquid to different nozzles for casting.
    There are classified three layers in Tundish: Insulation layer, Permanent layer and Working layer. According to the working principal, different refractory materials are needed at each layer. Refractory materials are mainly including as follows:
A. Insulation layer: Aluminum silicate fiber or calcium silicate board used as main refractory materials in this layer, with the purpose of keeping the thermal condition.
B. Permanent layer: At the very beginning, it adopts fireclay brick, high alumina brick. However, facing the limit of short service time, high labor intensity and cost, People start to use unshaped material, such as, plastic refractory, ramming mass, high temperature castables: aluminum-magnesium castable, low cement high alumina castable, high alumina-spinel castable, self-flow castable, etc.
C. Working layer: There are three materials including, Insulation board, tundish coating, dry vibration mix. Insulation had been seldom used due to its fragility and bad performance, on the contrary, the coating and dry vibration mix is widely used because of its long service time and economic cost. However, compared with tundish coating, dry vibration mix possesses the following advantage: fast construction, free-baking, better corrosion resistance and easier re-build.
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