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Reasons of why tundish dry vibration mix takes the place of tundish insulation board


    Following the clay and high alumina brick, tundish insulation board, tundish coating, Dry vibration mix is the fourth working lining materials for tundish. Following compare shows why dry vibration mix could replace the insulation board successfully.
    Insulation board, which is mainly used in cold tundish (one without baking before being used), it devotes much for us in energy saving and heat insulation. But, due to its fatal disadvantage, it is being eliminated quickly.
1. Bonded with many agent, insulation board add silica and hydrogen under high temperature in steel liquid, reduce its purity, produce harmful gas to hurt workers health. VS: Dry vibration mix is bonded without carbon, produce no sharp aroma, and greatly reduce avoid the pollution for steel liquid and environment.
2. Short using life (for common steel, only 8 Hrs, For Mn-alloy steel, only 4hrs). VS: dry vibration mix usual using life: min 24 hrs, when worked with the fast exchange nozzle, it could reach average using life 45hrs.
3. Easy to be broken during transportation, once one piece is broken, the whole set will can not be work. VS: dry vibration is premixed and packaged in waterproof jumbo, applicable for ship, truck, train, air, etc long way transportation. 4. Low corrosion resistance, easy to make tundish become leakage. VS: dry vibration mix is made by ramming, dense and stable, after sintering, form a protect layer with tundish backing layer, could improve tundish using life and reduce spare tundish number.
    Therefore, should you want to improve your tundish life, please do not hesitate to try Changxing Refractory dry vibration mix, 24 hrs using life is waiting for you.
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