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Protection methods of BOF lining


The main maintenance means of BOF are as following:

1. Bof spraying

Bof spraying is the most important means of BOF maintenance, by spraying certain humidity resistant material, repair the corroded or fallen lining, can ensure the normal and safe production, improve the converter life. In order to improve the repair quality and reduce the consumption and repair cost, it is necessary to consider the sintering property and select the spraying materials with better wettability, easy sintering and high refractoriness of the converter lining.

2. Slag splashing protection

Slag splashing protection is also an important means to maintain the BOF lining. After steel casting from BOF, the slag splashing adjusted over viscosity and properties is hung on the furnace wall by nitrogen with oxygen gun, forming a layer of lining protection layer and slowing down the corrosion and melting loss of lining in the smelting process.

Under normal conditions, the economic life of large and medium-sized converter is generally in 5000 ~ 8000 heats. Usually for new lining, after 500 heats splash furnace and spray repair will be done, the initial general, usually every 2-3 heats one protection will be done, then with the lining life increasing, the frequency of furnace protection will increase as well. In last period, slag splashing protection will be done every heat.

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