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Properties of zirconia


Zirconia is a high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and contains excellent conductive inorganic non-metallic material, especially its excellent mechanical properties at room temperature, high temperature and corrosion resistance, and is favored by researchers.In the early 1920 s was applied in the field, refractory materials since the mid - 70 - s, Europe and the United States, the excellent national unexpectedly phase invested heavily on international research and development of zirconium oxide production technology and zirconium oxide series products production, further extending the zirconia applications to structural material and effect, zirconium oxide at the same time also is in the national industrial policy to motivate one of the key to develop new high performance materials.At present, the research of zirconia materials focuses on the toughening mechanism of phase change, the mechanical properties of room temperature and high temperature, the friction and wear mechanism and the practical application of zirconia ceramics.

Zirconia in refractories:

(1) Good chemical stability, extend the Fe and other metal ions on the refractory erosion;

(2) Improve the material performance and enhance the thermal stability of refractory products;

(3) According to the different properties of composite items, the production process can be optimized to improve the performance of refractory products and reduce the production cost;

(4) The high melting temperature of the composite and the high and low melting mixture production temperature.

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