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Refractory products containing chromium are spinel, perovskite or spinel refractory products made of chromite and magnesia as raw materials. Generally, products with chromite content greater than 50% are called chromium-magnesium products, and products with content less than 50% are called magnesium inscription products.

1, chrome magnesium products

MgO in chromium-magnesium products easily replaces FeO in ferrochrome spinels. The large amounts of these replaced FeO are extremely sensitive to changes in the atmosphere, making the products "swell" and their thermal shock stability is also poor .

2, magnesium chromium products

The main phase composition of magnesia-chromium products is perovskite and spinel. Its load softening temperature is higher, its high temperature volume stability is better, and it is more resistant to alkaline slag erosion. At present, magnesium chromium products made of high purity magnesia and pre-synthesized magnesia chromium sand as raw materials or high purity magnesia and ferrochrome The fused cast products made of ore as raw materials have obvious improvements in load softening temperature, resistance to rapid cooling and heating, oxidation resistance, reduction and chemical resistance, and have become an advanced refractory product with excellent performance.

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