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Problems of unshaped materials


1. Improve the purity and melting point. The commonly used binders tend to generate more low-melting phases, so the low-melting binders should be changed to high-melting binders, and the amount added should also be appropriately reduced. For example: high alumina cement high alumina castable (containing about 15% of high alumina cement) agglomeration combined castable (containing 2% to 5% of high alumina cement).

2. Reduce moisture. For monolithic refractories, when kneading with water during construction, it must be dried, and the more moisture, the easier it is to form a porous body. In terms of strength and corrosion resistance of a refractory, the fewer pores, the better its performance.

3.The use of binders. The use of various binders is also important. The combination of various binders with different hardening forms and different characteristics can make the unshaped refractory material have uniform strength from low temperature to high temperature, and effectively prevent falling off.

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