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Prefabricated slide rail brick for heating furnace


The prefabricated slide rail brick for heating furnace is prepared from brown corundum particles, chromium corundum particles and powders, white corundum powder, alumina powder, pure calcium aluminate cement, silicon micro powder and composite water reducing agent according to a certain proportion, evenly mixed and prefabricated into brick blocks, and then the refractory bricks are dried in a drying room at 200 Celsius and cooled naturally to obtain finished bricks, The production process is simple, which reduces the labor intensity of workers; the raw material gradation is reasonable, the cement hydration in water, the materials can achieve the closest accumulation, and get high strength and low porosity brick; the prefabricated brick blank does not need to be fired at high temperature, which can save energy and reduce consumption, reduce pollution. At the same time, the strength of the finished slide rail brick can be improved and the service life of the slide rail can be extended after low temperature baking.

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