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Physical properties of lightweight refractories


Lightweight refractory is a material that can withstand higher temperatures than traditional materials. If you use this material to build houses or equipment, you can effectively resist high temperature damage.

What are the lightweight refractories

1. Acid light refractory material usually refers to light refractory material with SiO2 content greater than 93%. Its main feature is that it can resist the corrosion of acid slag at high temperature, but it is easy to react with alkaline slag.

2. Alkaline light-weight refractory materials generally refer to light-weight refractory materials with magnesium oxide or magnesium oxide and calcium oxide as the main components. These lightweight refractories have high refractoriness and strong resistance to alkaline slag.

3. Aluminum silicate light refractory material refers to light refractory material with SiO2-Al2O3 as the main component. According to its Al2O3 content, it can be divided into semi-silica (Al2O3 15 ~ 30%) and clay (Al2O3 30 ~ 48%), three types of high aluminum (Al2O3 greater than 48%).

4. Melt-cast light-weight refractory material refers to a certain shape of refractory products that are cast into a certain shape after melting the batch material at a high temperature by a certain method.

5. Neutral light refractory material refers to light refractory material that is not easy to react with acidic or alkaline slag at high temperature, such as carbon light refractory material and chrome light refractory material. Some high-aluminum lightweight refractory materials also fall into this category.

6. Special lightweight refractory materials are new inorganic non-metallic materials developed on the basis of traditional ceramics and general lightweight refractory materials.

7. Indefinite light-weight refractory is a mixture composed of refractory aggregate and powder, binder or other admixture in a certain proportion, which can be used directly or mixed with appropriate liquid. Unshaped light-weight refractory material is a new type of light-weight refractory material without calcination, and its refractoriness is not less than 1580 Centigrade.

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