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The oxygen top-blowing converter has the advantages of not using external fuels, low equipment and production costs, high production efficiency, and fast construction speed. Therefore, it has been rapidly popularized and has become the main equipment for contemporary steelmaking. The capacity of the oxygen top-blown converter is expressed in terms of the average tapping volume (t) during the service period. The furnace body of the oxygen top-blowing converter is composed of a small-shaped furnace trough, a cylindrical protective body, a ball-cut bottom protective bottom and a tapping port.

The reaction zone of the protective molten pool is subjected to very high temperature; the high-pressure and high-speed oxygen sprayed into the furnace and the precipitated oxygen and carbon gas are vigorously stirred in the molten pool and the resulting metal and slag circulation affects the furnace lining. The abrasion of the furnace; the rapid change of the furnace temperature caused by the intermittent operation of the road and the erosion of the slag. Therefore, the converter lining should be used with high refractoriness, high load softening temperature, large volumetric capacity, good thermal stability and strong slag resistance Of refractory materials.

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