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Optimizing steel production with dry vibration mix in tundish


Dry vibration mix (DVM) is a refractory material that is used to line the tundish in the steelmaking process. The tundish is a vessel that holds the liquid steel before it is poured into molds to create steel products. The use of DVM can optimize steel production in several ways.

Improved steel quality
Dry vibration mix (DVM) helps to reduce the amount of inclusions in the liquid steel. Inclusions are impurities in the steel that can weaken it and make it more prone to cracking. By reducing the number of inclusions, DVM helps to improve the quality of the steel and make it more durable.

Reduced downtime
Dry vibration mix (DVM) is applied to the tundish using a dry vibration process, which is faster and more efficient than traditional methods. This reduces the amount of time required to line the tundish, which in turn reduces downtime and improves overall productivity.

Longer tundish life
Dry vibration mix is a high-quality refractory material that is designed to withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions of the steelmaking process. By using DVM to line the tundish, the life of the tundish can be extended, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime.

Cost savings
Dry vibration mix can help to reduce the overall cost of steel production by improving steel quality, reducing downtime, and extending the life of the tundish. By optimizing the steelmaking process in these ways, DVM can help to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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